Zhengdao (Ernest) Wan is a lighting designer who loves collaborating in theater, concerts, and TV. He is in his third year of the MFA program in Lighting Design at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama.

The arts have captivated Ernest ever since he was a child. He started painting and drawing at six years old and received his undergraduate education at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts (中国戏曲学院) in Beijing, China. Prior to his arrival in the US, he worked as a freelance lighting designer for three years, specializing in musicals and concerts. Some of his musical works are still on tour.

He is a gifted storyteller and also passionate about honing his skills. He has proficiency in the use of over 20 different software, including visualizers, like UnrealEngine/ WYSIWYG/DepenceR3/Capture, programming platforms, like GrandMA2/GrandMA3/ETCEOS/AVOPearl/PharosDesigner2/CuePoints/ShowCockpit/PangolinBeyond/ ArkaosMediaMaster/ResolumeArena/Madrix, and the other common software, like AdobePhotoshop/AdobePremiere/Vectorworks/Lightwright/SketchUp/Blender/Reaper.

He never limits himself to a specific medium or style and loves collaborating with artists from all around the world. His curiosity over fascinating new fields has never waned. “There is only one true heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it” has always been his motto.
 Love seeing concerts; Love petting Kitty; Love riding Motorcycle; Know how to play the piano. Not so professional, But it is the only way to convince myself that I can build a better connection between musicians' ideas and lighting.

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